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Looking for a Website?

Ordering a website is only as easy, hard & expensive as you believe it is. Working with online media is of course different for everyone but finding the right design team can lift the weight off your shoulders significantly. I am a creative professional living in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley offering design services to those businesses who want to leave an impression on their visitors. I provide many graphic & web services to promote your business online, specializing in web design, graphic design, print media, social media set up, photography, SEO, wordpress & more!

Once you have that website, or you've gotten the previous design reconstructed, it is even more important to have a unique voice in this competitive cyber market. Additional to web design, I also offer affordable services in logo design, business cards and brochures. Please don't hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to give you a free custom quote within 24 hours.

I create creative & one-of-a-kind technically sound websites with no templates. Each one of my websites is individually unique and possess the color theory and brand identity your business deserves. Wouldn't you rather have a custom design to showcase how innovative your business is? These days I believe it is very important that you have a web presence to grab the attention & continue to hold the attention that your business deserves.

Branding is just as important as having a great product and good customer service. There is a reason why corporate businesses have been around for decades - good marketing. Things like font style, colour choice, graphics and spacing all have a subconscious message to your market. A very bold streamlined font like copperplate gothic will not suit a day care, while a very curly font will not suit a law office. Every time you hand out a business card, you are handing out a piece of your brand, and you want that to be as strong and bold as you are. I will be your branding guide to ensure that your message is clear and innovative.

I look forward to desigining your brand!

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Creative Graphic & Web Design by Amber Goodwin
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